Sentence spacing. Does it work? Nope. Seems to be HTML + suck-formatting. Perhaps we should:

  • Stick with this site's formatting for sections?
  • Use xhtml for actual formatting (bolds, etc)?

Would this clutter everything up? Append this section with your thoughts.


Why not stick with the site's format and then write a parser to make it how you'd like it?

I say keep it as un-cluttered as possible so that people entering data can do so with as little work as possible. The major work here should be in creating information, not formatting it. When it comes time to put it in a different format a program can be writen to do that work. Using xhtml or similar mark-up puts more work on the person creating the data (that we need).

And what's wrong with a "wiki" look? This is a...well... a wiki. Again this is how I look at this project; data first, format later.

My opinion


I agree, we should be data-centric (my God, I'm starting to sound like my boss) here. Still, we should have some kind of format, but it should be simple, not a style format more of an outline for people to follow: i.e

  • Introduction, what the command does, in one or two sentences
  • Syntax
  • Explanation, goes into mopre detail about how the command works
  • Example

Peter Lenz


I think we should also include links to download FB, and maybe suport forums, for those who are just finding FB. Should these be put at the top?



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